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Work and Screenshots


Co-creator / Level Designer

Feb 2019 - Jan 2021

Embower is a 2D platformer about a young boy who travels the world, purifying trees of toxins by hugging their hearts!

My goal was to create a fun and inviting platformer for those who have never played games, or are not very good at them. With this in mind, it was crucial for me to design level layouts that were easy, yet fun and challenging enough to keep players engaged. To make sure this goal was met, I constantly playtested the game with those in my audience range to find design flaws. After plenty of iterations, I watched casual players- including my dad and a 7 year old- complete the game successfully.


The game started as a USC Games project in 2019, where I worked with one classmate to quickly prototype and design the game in four months. After that, I worked on finishing and polishing the project for two years in my free time alongside two additional teammates- Gabriel Lacayo who implemented the gameplay programming, and Nathan Wolfe, who created all of the game audio.

My work included:

  • Initial R&D Prototyping through Unity Scripting

  • Game / Mechanics Design

  • Level Design

  • Usability Tests + Playtest Reports

  • Narrative + World Building

  • Pixel / Graphics art


Work Screenshots

Level Layout Sketches


Art / Sprite Sheets

As a designer (and not typically an artist), it was important for me to create art that encapsulated the visions of my designs above all. Since the game is for those who are not game savvy, I knew I had to pick visuals for the puzzles that quickly grabbed player's attention so they would not get stuck or confused. A lot of the objects that I wanted the player to interact with are brightly colored, as shown below.

Concept gameplay art.png
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