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Player Known Battlegrounds

Co-creator / Level Designer

March - April 2018

Player Known Battlegrounds is a historical edutainment game about being a tour guide on the Gettysburg Battleground! Our goal was to create a one to one representation of the battleground that players could explore to learn historical facts about the Civil War.  From being showcased at the USC Symposium to Minefaire in LA, this game has touched the hearts of many with its educational facts and witty humor from the tourists.

I had the pleasure of working with Steven Harmon on this project. We both worked on its initial design, and shipped the game in under two months.

My work included:

  • Game Design

  • Level / Environment Design

  • Character Dialogue + Writing

  • Scripting in Unity

  • Texture creation


As the level designer, I was in charge of looking at maps and pictures of the Gettysburg, and then setting up our play space to mimic it the best I could with our simple, "microsoft paint" style graphics.

Play the final version on Gamejolt and Check out our presskit for more info!

Work and Art

I created most of the environment art for the battleground. As a level designer, I made sure to create art that made the players feel like they were actually on a tour of the Gettysburg- or at least a silly version of it. It was crucial for me to get every detail of the statues and monuments just right.

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